Terms and conditions of Photoshop Clipping Mask

These terms and conditions act as a legal agreement between Photoshop Clipping Mask and its clients.

Please Read the Following Terms of Services Carefully Before Submitting Your Order to PhotoshopClippingMask.com

What data do we collect from our clients?

We reserve the right of collecting information of our clients for establishing a better communication and business relationship between our company and our clients.

We may collect your – name, job title, profession, company name, email addresses, mailing addresses, billing information, telephone numbers, vat registered number, company website, images, postcode, preferences and interests, credit and/or debit card numbers, IP address, web browser type and version and operating system.

Third party websites:

We do not take help from any third party websites in any project. However, we may send you third party link if necessary. We do not take responsibility of those links and we expect that our clients will read the terms and conditions of those third party websites’ terms and conditions before interacting with them.

Copyright Notice:

This website and its contents including images, articles and others are the property of Photoshop Clipping Mask. Any type of copy or piracy of any part of our content in any way or form is not allowed. However, third parties may use our content for personal or non-commercial purpose with prior permission. Besides, our content can also be used if third party acknowledges the PhotoshopClippingMask.com as source.

Security, Accounts and Passwords:

If necessary we also reserve the right of having information about your user ID you open on our domain. Sometimes, it is important for our service team to get access to your user account and password to ensure uninterrupted service as your data and order files cannot be encrypted.

Free Trial

Photoshop Clipping Mask offers Free Trial the new clients. However, we reserve the right of refusing any trial work when necessary. Besides, it is necessary to declare that we offer one-time Free Trial to our clients. If you have once taken the facility then you will have to pay for availing the same service for the second time. Visit this site to submit your Free Trial.

Quality Guarantee:

Photoshop Clipping Mask always tries to provide its clients with quality service. We ensure quality and never hesitate to redo your work for as many times as you want. However, we do not allow our clients to use any third party to change the work we have done.

Intellectual Property:

Photoshop Clipping Mask always respects the rights of intellectual property owners. We would appreciate if you inform us at contact@PhotoshopClippingMask.com about any content that infringes your intellectual property rights or other rights.

Payment Methods:

In different cases, Photoshop Clipping Mask may ask you for advance payment before even starting your project. We accept payment through Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, American Express and Bank Transfer. We do not take responsibility if there is any technical glitch during the payment transfer between our clients and us.

File Storage Policy:

We protect your images on our server for maximum three months. If you do not receive your files within the mentioned time then we will no longer take responsibility for any sort of damages. Thankfully, if you claim to get your images more than once within the time then we will be able to provide you with the files.

Images We Avoid:

Photoshop Clipping Mask strictly prohibits nude, pornographic and any kind brutal images.

Website Disclaimer:

The only reason of providing our clients with these terms and conditions is the betterment of our service. All the terms and conditions are written here with general motive and with intention of zero complexities.

We are always open towards accepting allegations if we break any terms and conditions mentioned above. However, we do not take responsibility if our clients violate the terms and conditions.

Moreover, we have the right to change any things and make the new decision if we want in this site.