How to Add Rainbow Effect in Photoshop

How to add rainbow effect in photoshop?

Add a rainbow filter to bring your photos to life.

Create spectacular rainbow, halo, and light belongings to style your photos pop with color.

Ever think how photos get an astonishing glow and prismatic rainbow effect in photoshop? You can attain sun-soaked photographs with halos and rainbow effects without first finding the right angle of the sun. You can add a rainbow filter to improve your shot during the photo editing process.

Rainbow filters are easy with presets.

Adding rainbow sieves and other radiance belongings can disrupt your photos. Free and purchasable presets are obtainable from a variability of photographers and makers online — cause them to add in special effects like the ones below with just a click:

Rainbow halos: prismatic circles of color that stretch the illusion of sunlight

Haze: seats covered with light that add a warm tone to photos that otherwise lack sunlight

Lens flares: happening circular rays can also be insincerely created.

Movable sun glows and sunrays: lines of light that can be practical to improve images.

Rainbows are one of the landscape’s most superb phenomena. When it originates to art and graphic design, the rainbow consequence can make your arrangement and layout pop uniquely. Some graphic rainbow strainers look so honest that it’s hard to trust they’re amended in. Today, we’ll go over what rainbows signify, how to generate them at home, and how to custom them in your designs.

A rainbow is a climatological incidence caused by reflection, bending, and light dispersal. When sunlight arrives in a rain droplet, some sunlight is reproduced though the rest is diverted. This reasons the light inside of the drop to scatter into the colors we see as its departures the droplet. This procedure results in a spectrum of light in the sky that looks like a rainbow arc. Rainbows produced by sunlight continuously seem straight, conflicting with the sun.

Taking a thrilling big blue sky can be interesting, and most landscape photographers evade the midday shots. If you’ve brought a lovely scene throughout the middle of the day and are looking for motivation to liven up the image, why not enhance a Rainbow? Everybody dears a rainbow, don’t they? It can be a gentle way of an additional delivery component to your vision. The image used in this instance is faultless for this photoshop tutorial. A protuberant tree in the midpoint of the image with a profusion of blue sky above is occupied by various clouds. The act is almost set; let’s appearance at rainbow effect in photoshop to complete the scene nicely.

Whether you’re rejoicing and secondary your public or like the look, the rainbow effect in photoshop can make your designs burst with energy, making a unique and supreme look. Let’s discuss the dissimilar conducts you can apply to rainbow photo effects.

Rainbow Photo Filter

Accumulating a rainbow filter to your project is the most rapid and excellent method for an on-the-go rainbow effect in photoshop. You can alter a stock photo with a button click into something unexpected.

Rainbow Background or Overlay

A rainbow background delivers a substance to add other design elements, while a rainbow overlap will add a layer of rainbow stripes on top of your design. Using photoshop, you can add a diversity of rainbow backgrounds or overlays to your copy and adjust the opaqueness until you attain your desired look.

Gradients are a countless way to seal diverse basics in Photoshop. There is a diversity of gradients to select from, but Photoshop does not come with its rainbow gradient. For this reason, you’ll be essential to brand your rainbow gradient to smear to your projects. The procedure is modest, so let’s discover how to generate and apply rainbow gradients in Photoshop.


Step 1

In this tutorial, I show you how to ad colorful, realistic rainbow to an image with photoshop.

Step 2

Next a pen the gradient panel, which is new as photoshop

gradient panel

Step 3

In the Gradient panel, click the menu icon in the upper right and then choose legacy gradient from the menu.

Step 4

Scroll down to the bottom of the gradient panel and twirl open the legacy gradient

Step 5

This inside the group, scroll down to the special effect group

Step 6

Drag the gradient thumbnail from the gradient panel and drop it on to your image.

Step 7

To edit the shape of the gradient, double click on the fill layers

Step 8

Color swatch in the dialogue box change the style of the gradient from linear to radial. This gives the rainbow the circular shape

Step 9:

To change the size of the rainbow we need to change color of the rainbow. The default value is 130%

Step 10

We need to convert the fill layer into a smart object and choose convert to smart object from the menu

Step 11

Before we apply the blur, change the blend mode of the smart object from normal to screen.

Step 12

Next go to the filter menu in the menu bar at the top of the screen choose blur and the gaussian blur

Step 13

Then in the gaussian blurred dialogue box , drag the radius shider to the right the blur the gradient and often the transitions  between the colors.

Step 14

Select the gradient tool from photoshop toolbar then in the options bar

Step 15

Click the arrow next to the gradient color swatch basics folder and choose the black white gradient by double clicking on its thumbnail.

Step 16

This will select the gradient and close the gradient picker

Step 17

Keep your mouse button held down.

Step 18

Hold the shift key button on your keyboard and drag straight up to just below top part of the rainbow

Step 19

To hide and like this, select the brush tool from the toolbar

Step 20

Then simply paint other the part of the rainbow you want to hide

Step 21:

In this layer’s panel, click the ad layer style icon and choose blending option for the menu

Step 22

Click on the black slider for underlying layer set and begin dragging it to the right

Here is my final rainbow effect with the clouds and the rainbow blended together


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