22 Best Clipping Path Service Providers for 2022

best clipping path services company in 2022


Photo-editing industry has been booming in recent years. It has emerged as a huge market that has given birth to numerous companies providing them as services. Such companies have made the life of thousands of individuals and businesses easier. 

You must have the right information regarding the best clipping path service providers. Why? Well, you never know when you get started with your online business or project and end up needing a lot of photos. 

All the firms that will be discussed below provide clipping path services along with all the other necessary ones, in bulk in a very quick time. Therefore, they are definitely worth considering. 

So, let’s get on to the list.

1. Photoshopclippingmask

Photoshopclippingmask is one of the best clipping path services providers. What keeps them ahead of every other agency is that their services are quick and dead cheap. They specialize in graphic designing which allows them to provide the perfect edits to their clients all over the world. 

Photoshopclippingmask not only provides clipping path services, but it also does all types of photo retouching like color correction and enhancement. They have live examples of each service they offer for making it convenient for you to compare and decide.

There is a team of expert designers that can deliver all your photos in the given time without compromising on quality. You do not have to break the bank to take their services. Their clipping path services start from $0.25 per image, one of the lowest in the market. 

2. Graphics Cycle

Graphics cycle is an agency that is highly rated in the USA in terms of the quality of its services. Yes, they do put emphasis on the clipping path, but they are also focused on a diverse range of editing tasks. 

Their services are more artistic than needed. They work more on the aesthetics of a photo compared to making it commercially usable. Their services are great if you want to improve your photos to a more cinematic standard.

3. Clipping World

Clipping World is a firm that can get your requirements fulfilled at the earliest possible time. Totally straightforward with their promises, and do just what you ask for. They offer most of the photo-editing services you may need. 

It has been twelve years since clipping world has been functioning as an agency. They serve clients from a diverse range of geographic locations proving their market penetration. Their customer base is huge and operates 24/7.

4. Offshore Clipping Path

The offshore clipping path is the perfect example of a small pack with a big punch. It’s a company that is not as big as you think, but its commitment to client satisfaction is worth praising. The agency has a small but qualities team.

Attention to detail is what they strive on. Any type of retouching or background removal can be done by them. Since most clients look for clipping path services, they emphasize it more. 

5. Fix The Photo

As the name suggests, fix the photo can turn an average image into the right thing you want. It can make a dull photo look great again. You can compile relevant photos and hand them over to the agency, all of them will be turned into useful images. 

A person randomly looking at their edited photos will not be able to recognize that it has been tampered with. Everything will look original. Their competitive pricing and quality of service are their unique selling points.

6. Clipping Path Fix

Clipping path fix is a company whose customer base mainly floats around the western regions like Europe and the Americas. Their experience in the industry is of more than five years. 

Their services cover everything photo-editing software can do. You can easily discuss with them what you are looking for and they will execute your task in a personalized way. So, definitely worth checking out.

7. Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Service is mainly known as a B2B service provider. To be precise, they mostly serve small and medium businesses. Their services are accustomed to suit the needs of online businesses and websites.

They have been doing this for more than twelve years and are strongly marching ahead. The whole spectrum of demands is catered to by their team of designers and editors. Their rates are as affordable as they can be.

8. Clipping Path Factory

A firm as old as thirteen years is providing clipping path services to many individuals and e-commerce businesses around the world. It has witnessed the evolution of the industry and matured itself. 

Ghost mannequins to all types of background removal and color correction, there is nothing they cannot do. You will get precision and commitment from them in exchange for your valuable money.

9. Clipping USA

More than 130 designers are working for clipping USA to provide clipping path services. They are immensely passionate and love the stories each photo reflects.

Although their prices are a bit higher compared to other agencies on the list, that’s still worth it considering the magnitude of their work.

10. Pixopal

Pixopal is just about five to six years old, but it has managed to stake a claim in the photo-editing industry. Their swiftness in providing clipping path services, the most demanded and commercially useful service for everyone has brought them tremendous results.

Pixopal specializes in editing photos suited for usage by e-commerce businesses and websites.

11. Clipping Path House

Clipping Path House provides a wide range of design services including clipping path with the help of its fifty passionate designers. 

The company has good experience in the graphic designing industry. Its designers are skilled enough to roll out your deliveries in no time.

12. Clipping Path Associate

This one is a company that does not provide only clipping path services. It doesn’t do photo editing for the sake of it. They do it for the beauty of the work. Their focus is truly on making a photo look magical and beautiful. Since they focus so much on the artistic aspect of image editing, their prices are higher than their competitors. But, if you are looking for similar services, you should consider this as a problem.

13. Digi5 Studios

Almost a decade old, this company has come a long way since its inception. It started small, but now has a huge team of more than 200 designers. All of them ensure that a client gets to experience a whole ecosystem of photo-editing and not only clipping path services.

The huge team makes sure that the deliveries are done on time and not a single avenue of any order remains untouched. As big as the company is, its prices are still quite reasonable.

14. Bizscope

Bizscope along with clipping path services does ghost mannequin services, image retouching, image masking, and all such techniques. 

Their pricing is very affordable and is suited for business needs. Therefore, you can consider them for your future order.

15. Clipping Solutions

Clipping solutions give you an option to chat with their support team before you place an order. Similar to photoshopclippingmask, they have live examples on their website as well. 

This company has the capacity to deliver thousands of images in a day. So you do not have to worry about waiting for a long time to get your ones prepared.

16. Clipping Path Lab

Clipping Path Lab’s customer testimonials say that the company’s managers are great at understanding what you are looking for and conveying it to the designers. Since photo editing is an artistic thing, it is usually difficult. But clipping path lab seems to get on with it.

And talking about clipping path services, there is no means to question them. They have every bit of precision required to create paths on the most bizarre edges.

17. EphotoVN

Ephoto VN not only provides good clipping path services, but they also offer to edit for aesthetic photography as well. Your ordinary picture will turn into a great story if you leave it in their hands. Clipping path or background removal, in general, is a walk in the park for them. They sell their services at good rates, so you should definitely check them out as well.

18. TradeXcel Graphics

Their services are as good as their name, very unique. They try to go with a personal approach varying for different clients. Their team members are also adventurous. So they definitely do not provide average services. They will take risks to deliver something special.

19. Path Edits

Path Edits is a company that provides short and sweet services. They look and feel subtle, but are seriously committed to getting your job done. 

More affordable than many other companies on this list. Very easy to communicate your ideas and reach a suitable result.

20. Pixelz

One of the most experienced companies in the industry. They spend a lot of time and resources analyzing and consulting with clients. Therefore you will be given utmost importance if you reach out to them.

They have been giving excellent clipping path services for over a decade now. And they are showing no signs of slowing down. Pixelz can be your staple partner handling all your photos for your business.

21. Adept Clipping Path

Some people are more focused on the core content of their purpose or business. Like a photographer focuses more on capturing the right thing, or a shop owner works better with their products.

Adept Clipping Path is the solution for such people. They offer a whole ecosystem of services related to photo editing. You can rely on them to manage your appearance digitally.

22. Clipping Path Experts

An ideal agency for e-commerce photography. They can extract the subject from a random photo and make it look completely new. 

The other touches or techniques that need to be applied to make that extracted photo look natural are also done by them.


Clipping path services have become a key part of every online business. Your products need to look sharp and clean in order to persuade the viewer to purchase. So choosing the right agency to prepare them becomes crucial. You should be able to find one from the list provided.

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