Differences Between Clipping Path And Masking?

Clipping Path VS Masking What's The Difference


Removal of the background of subjects in photos is one of the most demanded photo editing services. Clipping Path Services and Image Masking Services are catering to this huge demand. So, to help you get a clear understanding, we will discuss clipping vs masking: what’s the difference between them. 

A great picture can change your profile and act as a product’s selling point. No photo is fine at the beginning, it has to be edited to perfection. Since it is an artistic thing, there are different ways to reach a similar objective. Clipping path and masking are different ways that address similar requirements.

Clipping Path VS Masking: What each of them actually is?

Clipping Path Services

Clipping path is the task in photo editing where you create a path through the sharpest(the finest) edges of the subject in the photo. When you are done with creating the path, you cut the whole area from the photo’s background. 

It requires very immense expertise to conduct a clipping path on a photo. The smallest and faintest of edges need to be addressed in this editing technique. This is why you should go for clipping path services if you do not have the experience yourself. Using a clipping path is ideal for product listings or applying a totally different background to a photo. 

Image Masking Services

Image masking on the other hand deals with more spread-out edges. You can select the edges of furry or blurry photos using this technique. What makes the technique important is that it comes in very handy with model photoshoots where they were various types of outfits or even pets and other homely stuff.

Editing complex images that are unclear, or with very fine details gets easier with image masking. Unclear edges turn, and curves can be accessed with this editing method and used to illuminate any image. 

The best application of image masking is for photoshoots of models, pets, or portrait photography.
You are recommended to go through photoshopclippingmask to get a clear insight into the difference between clipping path services and image masking services. There are two separate sections explaining both of them in detail and convenience to make it easier for you to decide.

Clipping Path VS Masking: What’s the difference?

If you choose clipping path services, your photos will be edited using the pen tool. Paths will be created around the edges of the object you want to remove the background of. 

This service is ideal for you if you have an online business or e-commerce website. You can collect photos of products from various sources and just extract the target object from them. 

And not only product listings, but also removing unwanted interventions in the background( photo bombers as well). 

Image masking services use the magic eraser tool, the background removal tool, and the color separation tool for removing the background of the most difficult edges. 

This service is tailored for more personalized or artistic photos. Modeling or other types of fashion photography are the perfect applications of image masking services.

Photoshopclippingmask will help you with a clear assessment of what your requirement is, and what service would serve you the best. There are clear examples given on the website to give you an estimation of what you might get.

Clipping Path VS Masking: Level Of Difficulty

Considering the photos you want to get edited are complicated, with a lot of sophisticated elements in them, then you should opt for image masking services. 

Not that clipping path services are easy to provide. It is just that different types of photos require different types of editing tools and skills. 

Both techniques are difficult to learn and execute. But clipping paths cannot create paths on the edges of certain types of photographs. 

Depending on what your requirement is, you can choose a service. None of these services is more expensive than the other. Both bear similar costs in the market.

Clipping Path VS Masking: Flexibility

Keep this in mind that you will get your clipping path services delivered quicker than image masking services. Clipping paths are more flexible to execute, masking is more time-consuming.

With image masking, you cannot work on more than one image. With clipping paths, you can retouch several images simultaneously, and get the orders delivered at a faster rate. 

Clipping path is a more maneuverable technique that makes it a go-to option for most background removal projects. You have to be very passionate or selective with your photography to have the requirement of image masking services. 

There are specific sections on the website of photoshopclippingmask explaining both the services in detail. No other company provides such top-notch photo editing services at a cheaper rate than theirs. 

They have a dedicated team that will explain to you what service would suit you the best. Do check them out as they are providing end-to-end photoshop services under one destination. 

About Photoshopclippingmask

Photoshopclippingmask is a company that has a robust system in place to provide all the photo editing services you may need. Everybody cannot afford the time and resources to learn photo editing themselves. So, you can easily get everything done at affordable rates from this company. Only clipping path services and image masking services have been talked about in this article. But they also offer services like portrait retouching, color correction and enhancement, and whatnot. 


Clipping Path VS Masking does not have any outright winner. Both are magical techniques and both of them require great precision to be executed. You just have to be clear about what you are looking for. Both the services have their own specialties and both are capable enough to fix your photo.  

Although it is true that these are difficult tasks to handle, most companies ask for an unfeasible price for it. Do not fall for their traps, and put our faith in the right agency. Photoshopclippingmask has been editing the photos of their clients for years at a sustainable price, so do consider them. 

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