Top 10 Real Estate Photo Editing Trends 2022

Top 10 Real Estate Photo Editing Trends 2022

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Real Estate is one of the most sensitive business avenues in the world. Complications and volatility define the industry. The aesthetic presentation of real estate is critical to thriving in today’s competition and internet saturation era. Your listing should look great if you want to make it sellable. 

Similar to photo editing specialization in other fields and industries, certain trends dedicated to real estate have evolved as well. Mastering them is key to producing amazing property photos and presentations. If you are a property seller or a real estate photo editor, you must know these trends to foster the best possible outcomes. 

What are those important trends, let us find out.

  1. Image Enhancement

Some elements in a house or property can look average the bare eyes. Image enhancement techniques are used to enhance the appearance of those average-looking things. Image enhancement requires precisions and accuracy. 

Fine-tuning the small details of big objects isn’t easy, but that certainly transforms the look. 

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  1. Photo Manipulation

The precise meaning of photo manipulation is adding richness to an element in a photo. Seasoned photo editors term it saturation as well. Techniques like darkroom or dodging are used to turn an ordinary object into a dazzling one. Learning them isn’t easy, but once done, remains a great tool for designers and editors. 

Photo manipulation is not for real estate photo editing only, it is used in almost every industry under digital marketing campaigns. A lot has to fall in place for a photo to come out perfect in the first click. No photographer is that good, but such types of editing have made their life easier. 

  1. Twilight Photography

As mentioned earlier, an aesthetic look is essential to make the particular property appealing to the potential buyer. There are subtle factors that can make this happen. One of the most mind soothing and luxurious looks is a house with a setting sun in the background. 

Twilight editing adds that effect to any exterior photo of a house. The combination of the evening sunshine and the darkness falling over is a look that makes you feel romantic or encouraged. The perfect moment cannot be awaited, so that is just edited into the original photograph. 

  1. Mobile Friendly Photos

Mobile-friendly presentation is highly undermined by companies in the industry. The seller might have done a great job in sharing fabulous photos on the website. But most agencies do not take into account the importance of mobile-friendly photos as well, resulting in very low success rates. 

Imagine a family who decided to tour a house after seeing the renders on their laptop. But when they actually pay the visit, the agent shows them dull images that do not look as appealing as they did at home. The impression they had got ruined and the deal gets stalled.

  1. Virtual 3D Tours Of Properties

The first step is half the journey. It applies to converting viewers into clients as well. But convincing a viewer to tour a property or to even buy it together is not easy. Offering them a virtual tour in the comfort of their home right at the moment can significantly increase the chance of sealing a deal. 

Just a few photos may not be enough to satisfy a viewer. They will obviously be curious to see how the property looks in more detail. You need to cash in on that curiosity. And how do you do that? Simple, prepare a killer 3D tour and take your potential buyers for a great adventure. 

  1. HDR Mastery

What this trend actually means is nothing but attention to detail.  With this, you work on the smallest units of a photograph and edit them. Learning the techniques and implementing them is time-consuming and calls for patience. The designer needs to be passionate about such intricate tasks. 

Most real estate agencies do not spend on a high-end photographer to collect the photos of their listings. As a result, the designers have to go through the painful journey of transforming a bad image into a good one. But trends like HDR Mastery have made it possible. 

  1. Element Removal

It’s a trend that has revolutionized the marketing strategy of used houses or properties. Families or residents do not keep their houses in the most pristine ways, and rightly so, it’s a place to relax. But once a property is currently being used but listed for sale still needs to be promoted. 

This is where element/object removal comes into play. A proficient editor will be able to remove all the unnecessary objects from a photo. Household things that are denouncing the appearance of the photo will be removed like magic as if nothing was there.

  1. Drone Photography

Providing a bird’s eye view to the audience will give the listing a cinematic feel, as well as a great virtual tour. It satisfies the eye-ball, as well as the inquiries. And this is done through drone photography. It’s an amazingly affordable way to offer high-quality footage of a real estate property. 

Drones for photography and videography are readily available at great prices. Learning to use them effectively requires a bit of training, but nothing impossible. Having this in your toolkit will completely change your marketing content. 

  1. Perspective Correction

One of the most sophisticated techniques that are dominating real estate photo editing is the perspective correction. It’s one of the most technical ones on the list till now. Addressing the distorted lines in a photo calls for strong vision, and also great skills.

But it is key to making a photo look perfect.

  1. Virtual Staging 

Real estate companies and agents are presenting virtual representations of the property they want to sell. It is time-saving, cost-effective, as well as aesthetic. Great in terms of making things look better than the others.


Technology has changed almost every industry in the world. The emergence of photo-editing trends in a complicated industry like real estate is evidence of that. It is nothing but an opportunity to monetize photo-editing in a more specialized manner. 

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